Latest Google Algorithm Updates for Google Page Experience in 2021

latest google algorithm update

Google has done it again. Expect some major changes in page rankings on Google Search when the search engine giant enforces its latest google algorithm updates in 2021. In line with Google’s reputation to keep fine-tuning its algorithms regularly, the recent announcement about an algorithm-shakeup next year is hardly any surprise. On one hand, the […]

Remote Work Trends In 2020: Is Your Company Ready for the Big Change?

Remote Working Trends in 2020

Remote work trends in 2020 are reshaping our work routines and cultures, especially in the current world conditions. Remote work possibilities have existed since the onset of the Internet era. Yet it is a trend that is gaining much prominence in the larger scheme of things now. With more and more companies asking employees to work […]

Strategies to Help You Boost the Visibility of Your Ecommerce Business.

Ecommerce Business - web designing

Ecommerce is poised to become a bigger phenomenon in the new world order. Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, there were more than 20 million eCommerce stores running operations around the world. Given the way things are reshaping right now, there is tremendous optimism in markets that Ecommerce stores will become a bigger trend that will […]

Digitalization in Marketing: The Business Mantra in 2020 – Digital Marketing

impact of digitalization in marketing

Role and Impact of Digitalization in Marketing The digital revolution has spun marketing and advertising practices today. The advent and advances of the Internet have altered media formats and consumption patterns. While digital technology has enhanced speed levels, it has also propelled online connectivity and outreach. As a consequence thus, digital marketing became the new […]

Social Distancing Effects: Skills You Could Acquire While Working from Home

Work From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fasten its grip on the world, governments are pushing people to adapt to a life order that may be new for a significant number of working professionals. Work from home is trending in the era of social distancing. Staying indoors and working from home is not a difficult situation […]