How can marketing agencies market themselves using content

Creating excellent and memorable content is a vital part of marketing. Compelling content not only brings in more traffic, but that traffic often generates positive business leads. Good content speaks for the brand. As a marketing agency, you will always want to provide your clients with ideas that are not just relevant but also capable of going viral and increasing users’ engagement with brands. High-quality content is a powerful crowd-puller; it brings in leads, helps to educate your audience, creates stronger connections, and ups brand awareness. Ever wondered how marketing agencies market themselves? Let us give you a rundown of some of the most trending content formats that market agencies should use to market themselves.


Case studies

The bigger the project, the more details are involved. These details can be quickly relayed to your target audience without giving too much away. Case studies are a great way of showing how your company ideates and the “behind the scenes” that are involved.



Podcasts are a great information-sharing tool to engage your customers when they are on the go, on spending me-time on their computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Your podcasts need to be fun and light so the listener can pay more attention to their primary task and still enjoy what you are talking about. You can talk about your current projects, tips, and tricks, how to’s, and also bring a guest speaker into the spin to make the podcasts more exciting and engaging.



Sign up on forums such as Quora and Reddit to market yourself further. You can answer questions related to your fields and expertise and add your company details/credentials for people to find you if they have any further questions or if they need a particular service.



Write blogs about your services, trends, infographics, etc., to educate your readers. Blogs are a great medium to bring people to land on your website. Make sure to include graphics and statistics to make the blogs visually pleasing to the eye. Blogs also add to the SEO and boost your website’s rankings.



Videos are the most effortless content to take in. They are visually pleasing, easy to follow, and an instant attention-grabber. Survey researches show that users spend one-third of their online time watching online videos. Short informational videos can help you engage consumers,  while how-to videos and demos are ideal for influencing purchasing decisions.


Social Media Marketing

Social media can be of great help when trying to create an online presence. Marketing agencies that are successful in having an engaging social media feed with content that hard-to-get-enough of, then they can easily convince clients of your abilities to handle their channels. Media platforms can be a useful community-builder and an off-shoot where you can show what goes behind-the-scenes.



The pop culture has evolved, and memes are taking over the internet. Memes are some of the most shareable types of content on the Web today. Businesses can take advantage of this accessible content format by using memes to bring excitement or draw attention to a topic. You can create your memes or find relevant ones that are already floating around.


Using these content formats or by mixing two or more formats can bring you attention to the right kind of people. Creating content will show potential clients the resources you possess and the creative/out of the box ideas that you can come up with. Adjusting your current marketing campaign to include a large portion of content marketing is a great way to get started in 2020. Now you know how marketing agencies market themselves, so build your strategy now!

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