How to Invent Creative Marketing Solutions for Clients?

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Marketing is one of the most creative jobs out there. Like art, marketing allows marketers to bend brains – and rules even – and come up with the most inventive and innovative solutions for clients. In the digital marketing age, though, creativity in marketing has assumed a whole new meaning and importance.

How to Make You Brand Catch the ‘Viral Fever’ on Social Media

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Did you know that Facebook paid USD 16 billion to buy all stakes in WhatsApp? When the news became public, trade pundits were quick to opine that Facebook had paid a hefty sum to acquire the instant messaging app. The guys at Facebook – especially Mark Zuckerberg – beg to differ. The fact that WhatsApp […]

How can marketing agencies market themselves using content

Creating excellent and memorable content is a vital part of marketing. Compelling content not only brings in more traffic, but that traffic often generates positive business leads. Good content speaks for the brand. As a marketing agency, you will always want to provide your clients with ideas that are not just relevant but also capable of going viral and increasing users’ engagement with brands. Ever wondered how marketing agencies market themselves? Let us give you a rundown of some of the most trending content formats that market agencies should use to market themselves.

I Discovered that It’s Okay to Be Funny and Have Fun on LinkedIn

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If you want to make your business a success story this year then you have to know the top 10 trending social media marketing trends that are poised to make headlines this year. While communication technology continues to outdo itself with each passing day, the same holds true for the competition that is reaching new heights as the online universe welcomes new players daily. Also, newer platforms are coming into play and vying for users’ attention. So how do you make your business stand out and gain the most eyes and ears on social media?

United Arab Emirates: Making Dreams Come True Since 1971

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When it comes to marketing, content is key. Giving the right information to the right audience in the right form is an effective strategy to stand out from the competition.
The Internet is home to an abundance of content created daily, so businesses have to work hard to grab their target market’s attention. With so many websites/blogs/social media accounts competing for a slice of the readership/viewership pie, marketers need to strategize well