Visual Vs Text Content: What works best?

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When it comes to marketing, content is key. Giving the right information to the right audience in the right form is an effective strategy to stand out from the competition.
The Internet is home to an abundance of content created daily, so businesses have to work hard to grab their target market’s attention. With so many websites/blogs/social media accounts competing for a slice of the readership/viewership pie, marketers need to strategize well

The Importance of Having A Company Profile

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For any website or marketing material, the content would be the most significant element. So, of course, you’d want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible, and not have to think about viewers attempting to decipher cryptic messages behind bad color decisions and chaotic fonts.
That’s why font selection and typography considerations are essential. You can significantly reduce confusion by selecting suitable font faces and assigning hierarchy where necessary.