Why is choosing the right font/typography important?

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For any website or marketing material, the content would be the most significant element. So, of course, you’d want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible, and not have to think about viewers attempting to decipher cryptic messages behind bad color decisions and chaotic fonts. That’s why font selection and typography considerations are essential. You can significantly reduce confusion by selecting suitable font faces and assigning hierarchy where necessary. Typography/fonts can change the entire look and feel of the text, which is why we decided to provide six reasons why choosing the right typography/font is important.


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Helps attract and hold the audience

Typography can express a certain mood or feeling when used properly. The viewer needs to know what message you’re attempting to deliver and be interested in it. Before you even start, having a suitable font sets the tone for your context.






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Establishes textual hierarchy

By using distinct sizes and typography/font styles, the viewer can determine the most significant points by merely looking at it. This makes it convenient for your audience to keep up with your text and pay more attention to it.









Makes the material more readable

The use of smooth and easy-to-read fonts is essential. If the font is too tiny or crowded together, it will immediately be ignored. It’s fascinating to have more complexity in projects, but the crowd should be inclined to comprehend clearly what you are trying to translate.







Creates brand recognition

The fonts you use in your marketing material are what your audience will recognize first. You want your audience to identify the brand anywhere or anytime. Typography marks your business and is the one aspect that the viewer will continually connect with.







Shows harmony

Fonts unify the text and helps bring harmony. Repeating the same font or using similar typography styles provides continuity and clarity. Keeping your fonts aligned in proportion helps the format look uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing.






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Sets a mood

The typography can be changed dependent on the type of advertisement. For instance, marketing a video game may involve some intriguing features. In such a case, the content should be designed to be fun, playful, and catchy.

If your content needs some seriousness, choose basic, plain and professional fonts. The choice of such fonts determines how the content is understood and perceived.




Font choices often set the tone for the entire design and may influence the feelings of the audience towards your brand. It needs to be carefully considered on why it has been selected. Each font style and type have an objective. It can take over a word’s significance, particularly when there are no other pictures alongside it so that the font becomes a text’s visual interpretation.


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Now that you know ­­­why is choosing the right font/typography important, make sure before selecting the appropriate typography to suit your brand image, you study and look at several alternatives online.


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